Renga CLI and SDK for Python Documentation Status

A Python library for the Renga collaborative data science platform. It lets you perform any action with renga command or from withing Python apps - create projects, manage buckets, track files, run containers, etc.

Renga is currently undergoing a major restructuring effort. For a preview, you can look at the development branch, but keep in mind it is highly volatile.

renga-python is the python library for Renga that provides an SDK and a command-line interface (CLI). It does not start the Renga platform itself - for that, refer to the Renga docs on running the platform.

This is an experimental developer preview release.


The latest release is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip:

$ pip install renga

The development version can be installed directly from the Git repository:

$ pip install -e git+

For more information about the Renga API see its documentation.

Getting started

To instantiate a Renga client from a running notebook on the platform, you can use from_env() helper function.

import renga
client = renga.from_env()

You can now upload files to new bucket:

>>> bucket = client.buckets.create('first-bucket')
>>> with'greeting.txt', 'w') as fp:
...     fp.write('hello world')

You can access files from a bucket:

>>> client.buckets.list()[0].files.list()[0].open('r').read()
b'hello world'

For more details and examples have a look at the reference.

Use the Renga command line

Interaction with the platform can also take place via the command-line interface (CLI).

First, you need to authenticate with an existing instance of the Renga platform. The example shows a case when you have the platform running on localhost.

$ renga login http://localhost
Username: demo
Password: ****
Access token has been stored in: ...

Following the above example you can create a first bucket and upload a file.

$ export BUCKET_ID=$(renga io buckets create first-bucket)
$ echo "hello world" | renga io buckets $BUCKET_ID upload --name greeting.txt

For more information about using renga, refer to the Renga command line instructions.